The Self-Love & Self-Care Manual: A guide to loving yourself


What is self-love?
What is self-care?​
How do you find it?
How do you practice it?
How can you integrate it into your life?
I cover it all inside this manual!


If you struggle with loving yourself and looking after yourself then this one is a must for you.

​​Inside this epic eBook you will learn what self-love and self-care actually are and you will have access to exercises that you can do to help you build that connection to yourself. 

​​If this isn't enough then I have also included 100 ideas for self-care. Yeap 100! So whenever you're having one of those days where you know you need to be kind to yourself, you can simply refer back to your manual and pick one that feels good to you that day. 

I always get messages about self-love and how I personally practice self-care so that's why I created this manual for you.


Love Georgia x

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